Eccentricity Coffee Co. functions on a three-tiered mission that strives to ensure equal benefits for everyone who contributes to our company’s story: the farmers, the roasters, and the consumers. Our three-tiered mission stands at the foundation of our business model and directs all of the choices we make.


Our Socioeconomic Mission solicits us to run our company with the goal of making the world a better place. We hold social consciousness as a priority over everything else. Supporting small, global farms and showcasing the farmers’ growing talents are our main concerns. People matter, and the shared passion for producing and consuming better coffee makes our operation possible. 


Our Product Mission motivates us to roast the finest, handcrafted coffee. We believe coffee deserves the spotlight and we want to highlight its full potential. We promise to roast, distribute, and sell small batch, artisanal coffee that is produced from all natural, high quality beans, while ensuring we practice business ethics that respect the earth, environment, and everyone who is involved in our story. 


Our Education Mission encourages us to be truthful and transparent regarding how we do business. We focus on educating our consumers about the synergistic process that occurs in the coffee’s collaborative journey. We know it is our duty to share every step of the operation, and we want to teach everyone what it takes to turn a small cherry into a steamy cup of delicious coffee— no secrets attached.