We are very excited to announce that we have purchased coffee from Ecuador, specifically the Galapagos Island. La Tortuga will be available in June 2018. Characterized for its unique and magical geographic location, this coffee is one of the most unique coffees we have ever roasted and tasted.

The Galapagos Islands are a beautiful Ecuadorian archipelago, known for Darwin's theory of evolution due to the vast number of unique species that he found during his voyage in 1836, including the famous 100 year old giant tortoises.

Galapagos is not only home to birds, sea lions, iguanas, dolphins, and gulls, but also to the exotic coffee of La Tortuga. The Cooperative de Cafetaleros de Galapagos, composed of more than 80 producers, started in 1997 with the purpose of protecting the coffee industry while conserving their nature and environment. All the farmers in Galapagos are very conscious of the animals and plants that inhabit the island. In fact, they consider themselves temporary inhabitants and strongly believe that the owners of the lands are the animals and nature. This particular a lot comes from a single producer, and a member of the cooperative.

Rolf Eduardo Ballesteros is the producer of this knockout coffee. His 6 hectare farm is located in Canton- Isla Santa Cruz. The Coffee is grown at 250 meters which in itself is a very low-elevation for growing coffee. This coffee is a very dense coffee for growing at such a low altitude. The terroir is influenced by the trade winds blowing over the ocean. The moisture from the ocean is picked up by the winds and deposited into the soil where the coffee trees grow. The water contains high concentrations of sea salt which gets incorporated into the cherry and results in absorption of salt in the seeds. The influence in the cup is outstanding and unique.

The coffee is harvested December-February, and his parchment is dried in parabolic covered patios and African beds. The processing methods are traditional washed and processed in micro mills. The coffee is then dry-fermented for 18-20 hours. The varietal includes typical and bourbon species.


Tasting notes: carmel, sea salt, crisp apple and cocoa

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Harvest: December-February