January 03, 2019

We've searched high and wide for a decaf that meets the standards of our highly vetted selected coffees. The smooth maple syrup sweetness and subtle fruit and floral character made it an easy choice to produce Ethiopia Sidama NWP as Eccentricity Coffee Co.'s first decaf offering. Because decaffeinated coffee's flavor is so distinct, we can identify a decaf almost immediately. However, the tasty Sidama defies this stigma and can sneak by even the most experienced cuppers. It doesn’t have the traditional oiliness present in so many decafs, and instead, displays explosive fruity and delicate flavors. 

After preselection by our cupping team here in California, it shipped from Ethiopia to Veracruz, Mexico, the location of Descamex and their chemical-free decaffeination method called Mountain Water Process. The technique involves hydrating the coffee beans using water “charged” with green coffee extract - basically everything that makes coffee coffee, except for caffeine. The slurry of coffee solids in water, when exposed to raw green coffee will extract just the caffeine. It’s then drained and filtered, and then the process is repeated until the coffee is at least 97% free of the stimulant alkaloid.


Tasting notes: raspberry, lemongrass, tamarind

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Harvest: October-December

Brewing recommendations:

Brewed with a C70 Saint Anthony. 1:16.666. 12 grams ground on a Commandante at 17 clicks and 200ml of third wave water at 205*F.

1. 45 seconds of bloom time  with 36ml of water.

2. 64ml of additional water at 45 seconds.

3. 50ml of additional water at 2:15.

4. Final 50ml of additional water at 3:00.